Emergency Information

The Brook Knoll Emergency Plan is reviewed and updated annually. The plan continues to be developed and revised to improve preparation, safety, and training in case of a disaster. School fire drills are practiced each month and earthquake drills are practiced at least three times each year. Several full disaster simulation drills are planned each year and "lock-down/safety" drills are practiced as well. 

For your safety and for the safety of our staff and students, always sign in at the office when you come to campus during school hours!

In the event of a crisis situation we may not be able to answer calls or receive visitors on campus.  In these circumstances, information & instructions will be posted on the District's Website

We may not be able to answer our telephones or be reachable during a crisis such as a lockdown situation.  Additional news may be heard by tuning to KSCO am1080 or via local television news stations.

Additional Safety information is located on the District's Website