Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can my student return to school after illness?

A: All students must follow the most recently published protocol.  Please note that protocol may change or be updated as the year progresses.  

Q: Who needs to sign-in with the office when they visit the campus?

A: Everyone! Anybody who comes to visit campus after the morning bell has rung (even if it’s just to bring a lunch to a student) must sign in at the front office before they go on campus.

Q: Can siblings play on the playground after school starts?

A: No. Our campus is closed from “bell to bell” meaning that nobody should be on campus after the bells ring in the morning. You may begin coming on campus for pick-up 10 minutes before the bells ring in the afternoon. TK families are not allowed on campus during pick-up time as school is still in session for other grades.

Q: Are animals allowed on campus?

A: No. Animals are not allowed on campus, even on the weekends. If you have a qualified service animal that you need to bring on campus, please contact the front office prior to bringing your animal school.

Q: Can anyone pick up my child early from school?

A: Yes and No. The office will not release a child during the school day to anyone other than a parent or legal guardian unless they have received verbal and/or written permission to do so, even if the person is on the student’s emergency contact list. The emergency contact list you provide in Synergy is for the school to use in case of a true emergency. After school, whomever you choose to pick-up your child is fine, but whenever possible, please let your teacher know ahead of time.

Q: Do we have school when there is no power?

A: Yes! We have generators to power the phones and the emergency systems have their own back up power supplies so please, come to school.

Q: What do I need to do in order to volunteer in the classroom and/or drive on field trips?

A: All individuals who wish to volunteer on campus in any capacity and/or volunteer to drive on field trips must complete a volunteer packet and have the appropriate documents on file in the school office at least two weeks prior to the date they plan to start volunteering. Volunteer Packets and instructions can be found in the front office at school, or downloaded and printed from our school website. Completed packets are to be returned to the front office and your teacher will be able to confirm when you’ve been cleared. Processing volunteer packets can take up to four weeks from the date you turned in you information (possibly longer if you had to do fingerprinting) so please plan accordingly. Driver Registration Forms can be found in the front office at school or downloaded from the school website. Completed forms are to be returned to the front office with a current copy of your driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance declarations page showing your coverage amounts. Nobody is allowed to volunteer and/or drive on a field trip until they have all documentation on file and have been cleared by the school district.

Q: What time can I drop my child off at school in the morning?

A: Students are not to be dropped off on campus before 7:55a. Any students on campus before 7:55a are required to wait in the office. If you find yourself needing before school care, please consider contacting the Parks and Recreation program located on our campus.

Q: Is there anything I should know about driving on Brook Knoll Drive? 

A: Being safe and appropriate while driving on Tree Top and/or Brook Knoll Drive is absolutely imperative. Vehicles may never cross the double yellow line, drive on the wrong side of the road, or park in the red zones on the street at any time. It’s the law! Please be courteous to our neighbors as well and do not use their driveways to stop, park, or turn around. When waiting in line to turn onto campus, please take turns with cars waiting in line that are coming from the opposite direction.

Q: If my child has been sick, when can they return to school?

A: While the goal is to always have students at school every day, sometimes they get sick and cannot attend. Students must be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for at least 24 hours (or more!) without the use of any medication before they can return to school. If antibiotics are started, they must be on antibiotics for 24-48 hours before returning. Example: If your student has had a fever and it is gone by 11:00am on Tuesday (without the use of any fever reducing medication), and they remain fever free for the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday, they can return to school on Thursday. They may not return on Wednesday. The same principle applies for vomit and diarrhea. Please be sure to call the office for all absences no later than 10:00a the day of the absence—our answering system is on 24/7.