Scotts Valley Unified School District now accepts PayPal! Easily donate to Brook Knoll Elementary and the school district through our secure PayPal portal.

Please be sure to specify:

  • Who the donation is for (student, school site and/or teacher/principal).

  • What the donation is for using the "Donate to" drop-down menu and specifying which event, field trip, teacher or fund this donation pertains to.

Donations can be accepted for the following:

  • Elected Absence Fund ($45/day)*

  • Teacher Account Contributions (mainly used for field trips and class supplies)

  • Principal Account Contributions (used to fund various needs on campus)

  • Lost or Damaged Library Books

  • Field Trips

It is extremely important to be very detailed and fill out all the fields on the PayPal page to ensure that your donated funds are credited to the proper account. If you would like to make a Direct Donation to the parent club, Brook Knoll Eagle Connection (BKEC), please click this link:

(clicking this link will take you away from the Brook Knoll Elementary website and to a website that is not operated by the school or Scotts Valley Unified School District. The school and the school district are not responsible for the content or availability of linked sites)

*If your student will be absent for a reason other than illness or injury, please donate to the Elected Absence Fund.  Examples of possible student absences where a donation is requested include family vacation or reunion, wedding, relatives in town, parent work trip, sports event, etc.  Our district does not receive funding unless your child is at school and your donation does make a difference.

If your student will be missing 5 or more consecutive school days, please fill out a Short Term Independent Study Application.  Applications must be completed and turned in to the front office at least 2 weeks before the absence (4 or more weeks in advance is preferred).  One application must be completed for each sibling.  Please speak with your student's teacher if you have any questions.  The Short Term Independent Study Application link can also be found on the home page of this website.